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At what age can I introduce my child to football?

There is basically no set age to introduce a child to football. In fact, the moment a child can walk and run, the child can start playing with a ball in their home, provided they have the right physical and mental development for it.

What if my Child gets hurt while playing with a ball?

Basically, children should never be left to play unsupervised. Providing a safe and healthy environment for your child and wearing the right gadgets is key to reducing injuries caused while playing football. Remember to report every injury to your health practitioner/NHS 111, no matter how minor it may seem.

What if my child doesn't like football?

That is totally fine, not all children will enjoy football, it is important to find the right activity that is interesting to your child, in order to keep them physically and mentally active. Some of these activities includes, dancing, swimming, Lawn tennis, Judo, etc.

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